Move on!

I was staying in my room a few days. But nothing had changed. I decided to take part in some events by myself. I was trying to make friends. Then, gradually, I could make friends. 2 days later since I came to the university, I had to move into other dorm. My second dorm was not good… so many students put into the dorm. Most floors were very loud even midnight. However, fortunately, my floor was quiet. A few days later, my new roommate was coming. She was a pretty African-American girl. I’ve never experienced spending a life with African-American, so I was worrying about and so excited! Before starting the class, there was welcome party for new students. My roomie invited me to the party. You know, actually, I wasn’t freshman though I participated in it excitedly. I could see “real” cheerleaders! Next day, I joined campus tour. Guide introduced a lot of places on campus. The campus was so huge!! I was going to Campus had a gym, pool, tennis coat, billiard lounge etc..
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The other day, I bought some textbooks. You know what, “USED” means rental books. Previous students used those books before, after that, they sold/returned them to book store. It was a bit expensive but really helpful. I gradually settled down and got various food from food court like Taco Bell.
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環境に慣れずに部屋にこもりきりだった私。でも何も変わらないと思ってchange myself! いろんなイベントに積極的に参加するようにしました。(たとえ一人だろうと!)するとお友達ができるようになっていきました。綺麗な仮の寮から退寮して残りの9か月間暮らすことになる別の寮に移動すると、その寮はうるさいうるさい!幸運にも私の階は比較的静かなとこだったから良かったものの。。事前アンケートで静かな階を希望しててよかったとその時に自画自賛した私。数日後には新たなルームメイト出現!彼女は黒人アメリカンのfreshman. ファンキーだけど良い子でした。←彼女が今後問題を起こすとはまだ知らずに….. クラスが始まるまでの間は歓迎パーティがあったりそれはそれは盛大に学生を歓迎する催しものがたくさん! クラスが始まるギリギリ前になんとか教科書もGET. ところで教科書に貼ってある”USED”の意味知ってます?アメリカでは他の学生が使っていた教科書をbookstoreにレンタルという形で貸し借りして別の学生たちの負担を減らしてくれるというありがたい制度を設けているのです。要するに中古本! 新規で買うことを考えればある程度安くつくのですよ。 キャンパス生活にも慣れ始めると一人で外出することも増え、ファストフードコートに足をのばす私。メキシカン料理店Taco Bellはone of my favorite!!


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