Do you know what Homecoming is? I’m afraid I can’t explain very well but it is like culture festival in Japan. However, we won’t sell some food at booth. We just walk on a street with many people and celebrate and then, just watch a big football home game. You know, I’ve never experienced homecoming, so I was super duper excited!! I participated in homecoming parade as an international student organizaton. It was just walking down the street with many international students. But it was soooooo much fun! There was a lot of people on the street and they were waited to get some candies from us. lol We gave some candies and some countries’ small flags. I wore a yukata like traditional Japanese costume. But too much cold.. >_< Besides, our organization was last one, so we had to wait for an hour in cold air..agh

P1020008 P1020014 P1020030

P1020037 P1020040 P1020048

After the parade, most students go to see a football game by walking. If you are 21 years old (21 is adult in the US) you can drink on your way to football stadium. It is kind of tradition(??) in my university. I wanted to walk to stadium but I chose going by bus.. I should have walked there..oh no. ANYWAY! Homecoming is my favorite school event for me!!! I wish I could take part in it again!! ^^ see you next time.

homecoming_parade-2574 552603_533005016713189oo_1184198379_n P1020065


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