Speaking of October, it’s time to wear a costume! It’s HALLOWEEN!! In Japan, it is not similar so much. But in America, everyone wear some costumes even when they are on campus or in class. lol I’ve experienced curving pumpkins! It was my first time and so much fun!!

P1020143 P1020145

P1020152 P1020158

P1020159 P1020167

カボチャ彫りを現地アメリカで初体験!2度も彫る体験をさせてもらいました^^ 思ってた以上にカボチャってくり抜きやすくてなんだか拍子抜け… あらかじめ掘る前にデザインを決めてマーカーで下書きをしてからザックザック彫っていきます!ちっちゃなお子さんを持つ日本人家族と一緒に初めて彫ったり、別日にアメリカの友達とまた掘ってみたり。

P1020191 P1020192 P1020200


P1020237 P1020246 P1020255

I went to halloween costume party with my friends. I became an evil?? vampire?? I didn’t even know but I had a good time. Halloween was awesome!


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