Hello there! How’s going so far? I got a part time job recently, so I’m pretty busy though I’m enjoying myself!

Well, let’s get back to my memory! I’d like to write about Thanksgiving break last year. Do you know what “thanksgiving” is? Thanksgiving is kind of a day when families have a large meal together to celebrate and be thankful for food, health, families and more. You know we don’t have it in Japan. So I was so excited. A few days of the break, I stayed at my friend’s house and then I’ve been to Chicago with other friends.

My friend’s house was very countryside,,, radio signals couldn’t reach the spot, so, we couldn’t check our laptop (internet), mobile and more and more!! We couldn’t stand the situation. I was totally addicted to check my It’s because we just had to kill the time everyday at outside…like did bonfire, walked around a forest, watched a barn.

P1020417 P1020411 P1020431P1020440 P1020478

A few days later, I said good bye to my friends for now, I went to Chicago by train. I’ve heard of Chicago but I didn’t know about the city. Do you guys know about Chicago? What is famous for? It was a huge city and there was a lot of artistic stuff. First, Chicago is famous for “Chicago pizza.” Most pizza’s dough is a pretty thin, on the other hand, Chicago pizza’s is a thick!

P1020509 P1020510 P1020541jj

I met friends at station and walked down the street. Our hotel was soooo cooler than I thought! It seemed like palace! In the lounge, many guests sat down on a couch, drank, talked even midnight. Actually, internet worked only at lounge. I talked with my family on skype. hehehe 😛

P1020546 P1020547 P1020551

Day 2 in Chicago, the day was thanksgiving! So we woke up early and went to see the thanksgiving parade. Thanksgiving parade was conducted only in Chicago and New York. So I was honored to be there at that moment. Many people took part in the parade, even balloon of Micky mouse, Tom and Jelly, Garfield etc, and Jack Spallow!

P1020553 P1020611 P1020625

The last day of traveling in Chicago, finally I could see a “bean”!!! I didn’t know what it was but it was very famous and tourist spot in Chicago. I’ve watched “Le Miserables” in a theater, I didn’t get the story perfectly but it was just amazing. And,, I went to Chicago art museum at last. I saw the pictures by Monet, Gogh and Picasso. On the way home back, accident happend though thansgiving break was pretty fun.

P1020637 P1020652cc P1020674P1020715 P1020718 P1020737 P1020745 P1020747 P1020755








連泊のホテルは安価な割に素敵なホテルでびっくりでした。翌日はサンクスギビング当日という事で盛大なパレードが行われました。感謝祭パレードは毎年シカゴとニューヨークでしか開催されないという事で貴重な瞬間を過ごせてうれしかったです^^ その後も観光♪観光♪ シカゴの観光スポット①、「お豆ちゃん」。 何のへんてつもない銀のお豆ちゃん。ただただデカいだけ。でもすんごい人だかり!結局正体わからずじまいだけどシカゴに行ったなら行くべし! 観光スポット②、ミュージカル劇場。 シカゴはニューヨークに次いで劇場がたくさんあって有名なとこ。当時、映画版公開でにぎわっていた「レ・ミゼラブル」を鑑賞しました。内容はちと理解できませんでしたが大迫力の演技にくぎ付けでした。観光スポット③、シカゴ近代美術館。友達の希望で見学することに。館内には世界的に有名なピカソやゴッホ、モネの「睡蓮」が展示してあり、密かに「あああああ!中学の時の美術の教科書に載ってた~」なんて感動してる私でした。

次回では飛んで、冬休みに格安ツアーで訪れたワシントン、フィラデルフィア、ペンシルベニア、ボストン、ナイアガラの滝そしてニューヨークレポを掲載する予定です。Don’t miss it~!


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