New York Tour! ~Part 1~

Hey there! It’s long time no see!! I’d like to write about my New York and around the cities tour on this article 🙂

My campus was in Indiana, so I got a ticket to New York via Washington. This was first time flight travel around the U.S. When I arrived at LaGuardia airport, new york, a Chinese man waited for me. He was my tour guide. “Oh,, Chinese guy…?” I got in a big car. After that, the Chinese tour guide and driver picked others up. That was a long flight, so I slept in the car. When I woke up, I was in China town, New York. Just bought some breads, and went to hotel. Day 1 was just finished!!

Next day, I had to wake up so early.. the tour plan took me to Philadelphia. I saw a Independence Hall where was held a declaration of independence.

Day 2, I’ve been to Washington D.C. where is capital city in the U.S. !! But Washington was not big city, I thought. However, I could see City Hall and White House!!!

P1030008 P1030011 P1030025grg P1030026dwd P1030054 P1030056

Most excited moment was I could see Lincoln’s huge statue. That was epic!!!

P1030063 P1030080

Well, that’s all for today. Next time, I’ll write about Day 3 through Day 5! See ya! xoxo






ワシントンではかの有名なオバマ氏がいたであろうホワイトハウスやリンカーンの座像を拝見しました☆ 個人的にリンカーンの像を見た時は「私って本当にアメリカにいるんだー!!」って実感がわいてくるほど迫力あるリンカーン様なのでした。




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