New York Tour! ~Part 2~

Oh my… I wanted to upload my photos in the US but I always forgot to do it! >_<

Well, which part should I talk first? Uhhh… after finished Washington tour, I went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Niagara Falls and Boston. In Pennsylvania, I could visit HERSHEY’S chocolate factory. There was like absolutely ‘Charlie and a chocolate factory.’

P1030095 P1030139 P1030147

Have you ever tried HERSHEY’S chocolate? I don’t really like the taste cuz it’s too sweet for me ;P But if you wanna try, you can do it cuz it’s available everywhere! You can find it in shopping store.

After the factory, I was taken to Corning Museum of Glass in Pennsylvania. There were a lot of beautiful glasses. I’m gonna post my favorite three exhibitions here.

P1030153 P1030169 P1030179

Wow how beautiful they are! All these made by glass!! Can you believe that? I wish I could buy some for souvenirs. And.. at the night, I went to Niagara Falls.

It means that I went border between America and Canada!! Next day, I had to wake up early and went to see Niagara Falls again. Weather was not good and too cold though it made my day. Niagara Falls was just huge!

P1030181 P1030200








そこはまさしく映画「チャーリーとチョコレート工場」の世界そのまま!チョコレートが出来上がるまでの過程を遊園地にあるようなゴンドラに乗って楽しくお勉強することができます♪ お土産コーナーも充実してて、360度見渡す限りのチョコのお土産であふれてる!


さてさて、チョコレート工場の次ぎに向かったのはコーニングガラス博物館。ガラスの展示室です。もちろん展示品のすべてがガラス製品。慎重に見渡します。。特にお気に入りのガラス作品3品をpick upしてみました。いくつかお土産として買うべきだったかな笑





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